Endermologie, cellulite treatment, body shaping, weight loss by New You Hamilton

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Endermologie, cellulite treatment, body shaping, weight loss by New You Hamilton
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cellulite reduction

body shaping


Endermologie is a unique, non-invasive way of shaping your body, reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving
overall skin fitness.


In its original form Endermologie was used to rehabilitate scars, burns and damaged muscular tissue when a surprising side-affect was discovered - the reduction of cellulite and significant inch loss from the body.


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body shaping & weight loss



The Formostar infrared Body Wrap System provides a simple, safe and highly effective treatment for body shaping, cellulite and weight reduction, skin conditioning, improved muscle tone and toxin removal promoting general well-being.


Formostar uses heat generated at the same frequency as the body to stimulate the cardiovascular system, which in turn increases the metabolic rate emulating an intense exercise session.







Clients Testimonials


"I am so happy I tried endermologie! I have seen results very quickly - it has done for my body what exercise on its own didn't do. It has brought firmness, shape and toning to the important places and I'm really excited about this treatment.

Its made it easier for me to stay in shape - it has given me that head start that motivates me.

I will definitely continue this treatment - I have tried to stay in shape my whole life - this has given me that boost I needed. It also is good for my health and wellbeing, with the added benefits of getting a massage. It makes me feel great that I'm doing something not only to make my body look good, but to feel good and function well also.

I never want to stop doing this treatment!"

J.D age 44



VacuSlim : NEW

body shaping | slimming


The VacuSlim® is a newly developed training programme from Europe which helps you to lose circumference in the problematic fat-prone areas of your body, without affecting the upper part of the body.


The VacuSlim® sets a new trend in wellness therapies and body-sculpting treatments. It is an effective method of active slimming, helping you to lose weight in an enjoyable yet effective way, reducing the “orange peel”, and regaining a healthy, beautiful skin.


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