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Tighten tone and firm your problem area and wrap yourself skinny with ItWorks Body Applicators.


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body shaping & weight loss



The Formostar infrared Body Wrap System provides a simple, safe and highly effective treatment for body shaping, cellulite and weight reduction, skin conditioning, improved muscle tone and toxin removal promoting general well-being.


Formostar uses heat generated at the same frequency as the body to stimulate the cardiovascular system, which in turn increases the metabolic rate emulating an intense exercise session.








Clients Testimonials


"last night I did one of these wraps. I lost 3cm off my waist and 7cm off my stomach - I highly recommend these wraps!"


"I was a skeptical but after trying these wraps, I'm all for them, talk about amazing results!"


"I recommend buying the value packs - awesome for your waist and wallet. Now that's not something you hear of often."



VacuSlim : NEW

body shaping | slimming


The VacuSlim® is a newly developed training programme from Europe which helps you to lose circumference in the problematic fat-prone areas of your body, without affecting the upper part of the body.


The VacuSlim® sets a new trend in wellness therapies and body-sculpting treatments. It is an effective method of active slimming, helping you to lose weight in an enjoyable yet effective way, reducing the “orange peel”, and regaining a healthy, beautiful skin.


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